Form meets Function

What is art? In some places we want to enjoy the music but not see it.

Enjoy either way

Flat panels can be put against the wall for TV sound or positioned for the best music experience. Here we have Magnepan 3.7i ‘s in front of in-wall towers & a center channel for A/B comparisons.

What we do:

We create Home Theatre Computers so you can watch/record “12” cable channels at once anywhere in the house.

Say goodbye to a cable box and over $75/mth in fees & get monthly  credits from the cable company!  

This is also your Music Server to ‘send’ songs anywhere in Ultra High definition. We utilize solid state drives for no noise, send that signal out via USB to the 2015 Award Winning ExaSound Digital Analogue Converter (DAC), where the signal is refined and sweetened, to deliver the biggest, best listening experience you’ve ever heard, either to In Wall Speakers or to Stand Alone’s, such as the ultra 1.25” thin, 2015 Chicago Show award winning, Magnepan  3.7i’s. For pure audio bliss, listen to a Conrad Johnson preamp and amp. The tubes just sound right. For Home Theatre, an Arcam AVR and multichannel amp with be a perfect fit.  The combinations of equipment are endless, The enjoyment is something to come home to every day, relax, treat you and your family, and know you made it! Success has it’s privileges. Imagine That!

Hear for the First Time

You’ll be amazed how much music you’ve been missing on CD’s. We are proud to be the Only dealer in Florida to carry the Best In Show ExaSound E22 DAC.

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